Online Consultations

Get diagnosed by phone or video today

The health & safety of our patients and team members is our number one priority. Our practice is now conveniently offering Virtual Visits & Online Consultations for our patients that are unable to make it to the office in-person. For the best experience, please answer a few questions about yourself with our complimentary online consultation form.

Please fill out the form linked below with as much detail as possible. It will ask you to upload 3 images of yourself in a natural position focusing on the area of interest. This form is HIPAA secure and images will only be seen by our staff. In most cases, it is best to have someone take these photos for you.

After reviewing your form, our office staff will reach out to you to schedule an online consultation. You will be emailed a secure link to connect with our team via a HIPAA-compliant video conferencing tool at a scheduled appointment time. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us via phone.

Conditions that can conveniently be diagnosed online

Carpal tunnel syndrome
De quervains disease
Trigger finger


Tips for successful virtual consultations

Here is a quick checklist to make sure your appointment is successful and free of technical glitches.

What do I need?

Zoom Logo

Zoom is a free app available for iPhone, smartphones and computers. It uses your internet connection / Wi-Fi to let you video-call.

  1. Download from App Store (Iphone), Play Store (Android), (computer).
  2. Prepare for your video call by opening Zoom ahead of time and typing in the meeting ID supplied by Joint Clinic Paarl. NB: Test the sound and microphone!
  3. Wait for the Orthopaedic Specialist to start the meeting.
WhatsApp logo

WhatsApp Messenger is a free app available for iPhone & other smartphones. It uses your phone’s internet connection /Wi-Fi to let you message, call and video-call.

  1. Download the app from App Store (Iphone) or Play Store (Android).
  2. Make sure you have added Cape Hip & Knee Practice as a contact on your phone.
  3. When the Orthopaedic Specialist contacts you, accept the call / video-call that appears on your screen.


What does it cost?

Please contact our office for pricing

How long does a online consultation take?

We limit the consultation to 30 minutes at a time.