Joint school is a service specifically for people that are about to undergo a hip or knee replacement. We have conducted this gathering for the past 10 years at the offices of Dr Botes in Paarl.

It focusses on patient education and lets you know what to expect through the various steps you will experience, from preparing for admission to recovery at home. Our joint school takes place on a Friday morning bi-weekly. It is a group session compromising up to about 12 persons which include patients and family members. It lasts approximately 1.5 hours and gives you information about :

  • The operation and recovery process
  • Anesthetic options
  • How long you are expected to stay in hospital
  • Exercises to aid your rehabilitation
  • How to avoid and manage complications
  • How to protect yourself against future  infections
  • Any specific preparation you may need to make in readiness for discharge

Providing you with this information will help you to ensure that you have realistic expectations and that you will be equip to take an active role in your recovery process and rehabilitation.